The individual as a focus of a photographic exhibition is not a claim that false intellectualism, which ultimately results in metaphors and is poor in speech when there is no polysemic visual proposal.

“Reflections“, through digital photography and urban intervention, seeks to capture a series of questions and contradictions using common environments as, sometimes, unwitting protagonists.

The realization of the contradictions that make up our daily lives requires a process of observation, analysis and reflection, so that the reading of this work is necessary from the outset as the experience and intellectual formation of each person.

“Reflectionsis presented mostly as a series of questions that depart from the individual to the group called society: who are we ?, in which momento are we?, what have we done to ourselves?, where do we go?

The results show in its essence an intrinsic union of times, places, situations and questions.

From my point of view, this exercise is done regionally but asks universal questions. Society and the ways in which it is managed, in the end, ends up being a large deposit of waste that satirize themselves by their presence.