Intima Natura

Intima Natura  is a photographic journey into artist’ memory, ongoing exploration and concern about the world of nature. We are facing images that are simultaneously topographical, psychological landscapes, photographs that explore the environment and our ambiguous relationship to it.

The project was created with the support of PECDA- Mexican regional support for young artists, and it was taken over a period of two years in different countries. Generalized appearance of work does not allow us to identify pictures as a specific landscape of a region. Presented in abstract, purified way these photographs have unique and fresh perspective on universal landscape. Exploring reflections, experiences and fascination with topic they are becoming a visual symbol of nature.

We can trace this deep interest in environmental topics in Delgado Berman’s previous project “Contemporary Landscaping” where he was preoccupied about pollution of our surroundings. In this light, new work becomes his getaway  in the seductive beauty of  landscape, his genuine response to chaotic world that we create.

To create figurative and non-figurative images in this work he used different photographic techniques, both digital and analog. Personal pleasure of discovering the smallest particles of water, completely abstract, were best materialize in grainy structure of film emulsion. On the other hand unusual textures, vivid colors, and effect of almost touchable structure were easier to achieved in digital media.

For artist this was an aesthetic journey, where he approaches to a familiar topic like explorer of unknown, revealing to us in a new and fresh way the things that surround us. Entering the artist’s personal vision we are challenged to discover and engage with the images and the impressions they provoke. We are ask to consider our relationship with the wider natural world.

Marija Konjikušić BA in Art History, University of Belgrade.